June 2014 Newsletter



As you are aware, Ford MDA will be hosting its 2nd Annual Conference in Miami Beach, Florida once again at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel, July 10-11. During the last couple of months, we have been constantly sending you reminders and urging you to register and make your hotel accommodations before the room block is filled. Further, NAMAD will also be hosting its Annual Membership Meeting at the Fontainebleau before and during the same time as ours.

We will have a workshop that will provide you and your dealership with some current techniques that are used in our industry today. We will have a Town Hall Meeting with senior level Ford Motor Company executives, who will be sharing all the wonderful things going on with the manufacturer.

We really need and strongly urge your attendance because Ford Motor Company and Ford Motor Credit values and appreciate our input and we have been able to give the company innovative ideas that they can use. We truly value you as a member and we appreciate your support of our organization and making Ford Minority Dealers Association the largest ethnic minority line group in the industry.

So, I look forward to seeing you at the conference and participating in our program. Please remember, the Board is always working on your behalf and your feedback and input will help our organization continue to grow as we continue to move forward.

Best Wishes,

Fernando Varela

Ford MDA Board of Directors for 2014


Fernando H. Varela – Chairman
All Star Ford

Fred J. Salinas – Secretary &
National Dealer Council Representative
Friendly Ford of Crosby, Crosby, TX

Randy Henderson – Treasurer
Henderson Family Ford, Webster, NY


Executive Director
Dr. AV Fleming

Osvaldo Garcia, Jr

Executive Assistant
Dee Suber

Board Members

Joe Chastang
Chastang Ford, Houston, TX

Mark Douglas
Avis Ford, Southfield, MI

Sil Gonzales
Gresham Ford, Gresham, OR

Michael Martin
Vision Ford Lincoln, Alamogordo, NM

Nathaniel Sutton
Sutton Ford Superstore, Matteson, IL

Ford Credit


Ford Credit exists to meet the finance requirements of automotive dealers.  They understand the unique needs of dealers and have developed a full array of financing plans and programs designed to fully accommodate those needs.  Providing Ford Credit a full spread of business gives you an advantage over the competition.  Contact your Ford Credit BDM for details.

Paul Trulock
Manager, Ford & Lincoln Brand
Ford Motor Credit Company
office:  313-337-3432
cell:  313-673-8028

NAMAD 2014 Annual Membership Dues, Registration and Hotel Credit

The Ford MDA Board approved payment for your 2014 NAMAD Annual Membership Dues, Registration and a $900 Hotel Credit during the NAMAD Annual Membership & Ford MDA Annual Conference. The reason for the hotel credit is to get members to attend both NAMAD’s Annual Membership Meeting and Ford MDA’s Annual Conference.

Please visit www.fordmda.com and complete the Ford MDA Registration Form.

The $900 hotel credit will only apply to those Ford MDA members attending the conference.

Time is Running Out…Act Now!

Dear Members,

The Deadline for registering for the Ford MDA/NAMAD Conferences is fastly approaching, please complete the following steps:

  1. To book your room at the Fontainebleau Hotel, click here.
  2. To complete the Ford MDA Registration Form, visit Ford MDA.
  3. f you have any questions, call or send us an email by clicking here.

Ford & Ford MDA – Dealer Performance Report

Dear Members,

Ford MDA & Ford Motor Company created the Dealer Performance Report, which is similar to a Cross Sell Report. This report was designed to help you analyze your market and sell more vehicles. This is available to you ” Free of Charge”. Please take advantage of this good report.

How to Access the Report: Dealer Principal have access to the reports via FMCDealer.com and will need to follow the steps listed to download the reports.

  1. Dealer should log into FMCDealer from the main URL FMCDealer.com 
  2. The user should click the Management Reports navigation link under the Sales tab
  3. The user selects Minority Dealer Reports link from the Management Report.


ADP – Kathy Gilbert

MenuVantage Helps Power Your F&I Department with Menu Selling

The key to menu selling is having a web-based presentation system that lets you custom present every product to every customer on every deal. MenuVantage can help you do this, while also helping you increase your back-end grosses by up to 20-30%.

For your convenience, it offers integration with a wide variety of Dealer Management Systems. MenuVantage helps eliminate double entry and reduces the discrepancies between the numbers presented in your menu system and the final declination page. It even manages and maintains your rate books, credit life rates, and disability rates for many of the providers in the market today.

With this robust system, there is no need to look up month/mileage, class codes or surcharges anymore-it’s all prepopulated in the system. The option prices are accurate and product price changes recalculate immediately. You can save time in the delivery process and reduce the amount of time spent on error correction afterwards.

If you would like more information on MenuVantage, visit www.menuvantage.com or call 877.636.8826.

DealerTrack – Ernest Lattimer


Dealertrack DMS

Dealertrack DMS 2.0 is the most revolutionary DMS on the market. The system has been completely redesigned with a new, modern graphical user interface (GUI) that’s built for today’s mobile lifestyle. Accessing the DMS via your computer or tablet has never been easier, and setting up new custom navigation will drive efficiency, and get work done faster than ever. The upgrade also includes access to a new forms portal to seamlessly purchase and download new F&I and laser forms, and integrated credit card processing.

For more information on DMS 2.0, please contact our lead specialist at 877-210-9311, or at [email protected].
UHY – Dan Patterson

Ways and Means Committee Approves Six Business Tax Extenders

On April 29th, the House Ways and Means Committee agreed to make permanent six tax provisions that expired in December 2013. The bill still would need to be passed by the full House, Senate and signed by the President to become law.

The six permanent tax benefits in this bill include:

  • §179 expensing: The enhanced Section 179 measure would maintain the expensing level at $500,000 that existed before extenders expired in December 2013.
  • Research credit: This credit, which is commonly referred to as the research and development or R&D credit, would include an increased alternative simplified credit of 20 percent (up from 14 percent) and would be available to taxpayers who file amended tax returns.
  • Read More

For more information…Please feel free to contact your local UHY Auto Dealer Consulting Group member or Contact Dan Patterson, CPA [email protected].

Cross Check – Charles Dortch III

CrossCheck’s Auto Industry Remote Deposit Capture Solution

(C.A.R.S.) Serves Auto Dealers Profitably

Auto dealers use CrossCheck’s Auto Industry Remote Deposit Capture Solution (C.A.R.S.) to mitigate risk, save time and money, and increase sales when accepting checks.
Most Americans prefer making large purchases with checks and every year businesses write other businesses about 4.5 billion of them, while consumers write businesses 7.3 billion more. Auto dealers need a safe, secure and simple way to accept checks, and CrossCheck has been serving this need for over thirty years.

C.A.R.S.’ check guarantee feature enables you to verify that a check is legitimate before you accept it. If an approved check bounces, it does not impact your business. Your get paid regardless, and your receivables remain unaffected.

With C.A.R.S. you can process checks in your office using remote deposit capture. Using free loaner equipment provided by CrossCheck, you scan the check and deposit it via your desktop computer. Not only does this reduce the amount of time it takes checks to clear, from five days to as few as two, it also eliminates the need to make a trip to the bank. On an annual basis this combination can measurably accelerate your cash flow and save you a significant number of resource hours.

With the multiple check feature you can accept up two to four checks over the coming thirty days to help you accommodate your customer’s cash flow situation. Rather than pay the total up front, your customer may write a series of checks to be processed over the coming weeks that add up to the total. Better than layaway, your customers will find it more satisfying to take the items home the day of purchase. Motorists in need of emergency repairs that lack the funds to pay up front will also find this feature appealing.

CrossCheck supports all of its services 24/7/365 with friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, and transaction reporting is available at any time through its secure website.

With 30 plus years of experience in the auto and auto aftermarket, C.A.R.S. enjoys an excellent reputation. And there’s nothing quite like a customer testimonial to illuminate how each benefit may contribute to your business as well. In this video, Kevin Massie, President of Napa Ford Lincoln, explains what C.A.R.S. has done for his dealership:

For more information, please contact Charles Dortch III, Vice President of Sales, at 707-665-2100 x2500, or via email at [email protected].

A Word from the Executive Director

Greetings members and supporters,

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2014, we observed some of the most severe winter weather that we have seen in many years. Many areas had record breaking temperature for lows and record breaking precipitation for snow and rain. It is needless to say that the weather caused sales to slow down. Further, inventories began to rise, increasing days on supply. The good news is that the rough weather built pent up demand, so now, we are starting to see customers flock to the showroom. Moreover, spring SAR is up to 15.5 mil which is encouraging. Therefore it appears that dealers are on track for another good year.

We have been sending out information to you about our 2ND Annual Ford MDA Conference/Membership Meeting to be held in Miami Beach, Florida from July 10th through July 11th. Our meeting will be held the same week and at the same hotel as NAMAD’s Annual Membership Meeting. As part of your member benefits, we pay your dues and registration for NAMAD which is a $700 value. Further, we cover all registration cost for our members at the Ford MDA meetings as well, this is an additional $150 savings to you. From our surveys that we received back from our members, this venue we picked out will serve our members the best.

We are kicking off our Agenda on July 10th with Town Hall Meeting with Ford Senior Management. We will cap the evening off with a welcome reception for our members and sponsors. On July 11th we will start the day off bright and early with a buffet breakfast and a few words from Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. After the breakfast we will have our General Membership Meeting and ADP will provide us with a timely and productive workshop. We will have a key note speaker for our luncheon and material supplied by DealerTrack. Our schedule will be hectic but I know that you will gain much for attending the conference.

Dealers are continuing to make improvements to their facilities in order to compete and increase sales and market share in our very competitive marketplace. We want to congratulate Mr. Kevin Massie on his grand reopening at Napa Ford, Mr. Steven Ewing on his grand reopening at Wade Ford. If you are planning an event for your store, please send your information to the Ford MDA office.

Further, we have four new dealer appointments to report. Mr. Victor Covarrubias at Bishop Ford, Bishop, CA; Mr. Sil Gonzales at Ford of Ventura, Ventura, CA; Mrs. Margaret Djavaherian at Auto Plaza Ford Fredericktown, Fredericktown, MO and Mr. Manual Prieto at Ukiah Ford, Ukiah, CA. These four dealers were able to take advantage of Ford’s pilot Capital Investment Program. To get more information on the Capital Investment Program, please contact your Ford Regional Manager.

A.V. Fleming

Executive Director
Ford MDA